Sergiu Vaduva


Sergiu Vaduva is the primary funder and organizer of this expedition to Godara. He was recently a Politician baron before he sold all his land and much of his assets. He possesses maps and deeds to a land where is ancestors used to live. His goal is to reclaim the newly accessible land and start a settlement there. He is bringing many people with from different walks of life. Joining the expedition are other nobles, adventurers, entrepreneurs, tradesmen, and anyone seeking a new start. Many people in the expedition were paid and or promised land for being in the first wave of settlers.

Sergiu is the last remaining member of the Vaduva family. The rest of his kin died in the Deceiver’s war when he was a child. He has seven wives but has no children. He is fairly reclusive but is often open to those who wish to visit him for an official meeting or otherwise. He has a reputation for treating his subjects well and expertly managing his land and other affairs.

Sergiu is a human in his mid to late thirties. He is tall, has long, wispy black hair, pale skin and dark eyes. He seems to be rather frail and has a gaunt appearance. Despite this he is quite handsome and keeps himself looking proper and well dressed. He his well mannered and well spoken. He seems to enjoy having long conversations and learning about others. He appears to care deeply about his wives and treats them very well.


Sergiu Vaduva

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