Alma Monia

A fashionable alchemist without formal higher education.


Alma is a young human woman that stands at 1,68m tall. Her skin would be considered somewhat pale if it was not for the fact that her outdoor alchemical foraging seems to permanently leave her with a slightly tanned skin. She has vivid hazel eyes and her bob cut hair is chestnut colored.

She wears round black glasses mainly for a stylish purpose but she does have very slight myopia. She often seen wearing a frilly headbands or bonnets that match with her classic lolita style dress which she changes from time to time. The patterns on her dresses remain rather constant which are of pale pastel colored flowers and vines. They seem to depict real life plants.

Though she is often occupied with her alchemical pursuits outside of the business she helps run she does not appear to be antisocial and is does enjoy the company of others when time allows it.

Character image by MAGGI (@8888MAGGI8888 on Twitter)
Not exactly her usual dress color and pattern but if you replaced the cosmic patterns by flowers and thorns it would start looking a lot like her.


Alma has learned most of her alchemical knowledge through her parents and having worked in her alchemical store in a town in the country side.

Alma Monia

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